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Push marketing boundaries in 5 steps

In marketing, controversy can be a useful tool for capturing attention and ensuring that your brand is remembered. You only need to look at Wonderbra, Yorkie, Paddy Power, and Ryanair to name a few! To use controversy effectively, follow these five steps.

Firstly, ensure that you believe in your brand strategy and position before attempting anything controversial. This is your solid foundation everything should build from.

Secondly, put your customers first; consider how they use your product or service and what they think, feel, or do when doing so. Consider all the angles

Thirdly, take each scenario and see how far you can push it into the sublime, ridiculous, or extreme. Try to imagine how others would bring your product to life, think Frankie Boyle, Tupac, or the script writers from The Hangover!

Fourthly, stretch your ideas by thinking about the message, how you would land it, where you would land it, why customers would care, and how it might be presented in the media.

Finally, refine your ideas by discussing them with your team especially PR and potentially even involve legal (if your ideas are that unhinged)!

By following these steps, you can push marketing boundaries and ensure that your brand stands out and doesn’t become wallpaper!

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