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LIFE: The Small Things

It’s the Small Things… Listening to Fergus O'Carroll's On Strategy (podcast) on Tuesday morning, The Northern Planner andrew hovells talks about immersing yourself in your local environment and target customers to pick up on those contextual nuggets that us marketing people forget. So I did just that... This picture is from a local coffee shop, and despite being half-term it wasn’t complete carnage… So what nuggets did I pick up? 💠 The bond between mother and daughter is hilarious… Pure love but with the patience of a snapping turtle, bonding over a crossword! This is a really rich territory for brands to explore with so many different opportunities to draw on real-life experiences.

💠 Family weddings are controversial - everyone’s got an opinion, but it doesn’t mean you have to voice it… A heated conversation between siblings about one of their children’s weddings next week.

💠 Grandparents don’t say no to anything… Sweets, cakes, toys, even PlayStation games! And with the joy on the kids faces, it’s not difficult to see why!

💠 Men are still man-splaining to female colleagues… In 2023, yep, it's still happening!

Customers are real people, not just a PDF of stats, facts and personas…

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