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Modelling Brand Strategy on Dogs

Defining brand strategy is often an in-depth and complicated process where the significance can overwhelms the output! But if you get it right, it will secure you a place in your customer’s subconscious as well as galvanise teams across your organisation! If we think about who or what has the best brand strategy, I’d argue that our four legged friends probably have the best brand on the planet and I’d imagine 99.9999999% of the population agree! So what learnings can we take from our dogs?

  1. Loyalty: (obvious) show unquestionable loyalty! How can you integrate customer loyalty into your brand strategy so your customers never think to go elsewhere? Think beyond loyalty programmes, how can your brand show loyalty into every interaction! Who does it well? O2, there O2 uses loyalty mechanisms as a core part of the communication strategy from the original O2 Priority through to Switch-Up.

  2. Affection: show a little love for your customers! British brands could learn a little from how our American cousins approach customer interaction! Who does it well? WestJet and their Christmas Miracle - 9 years old, but still brilliant!

  3. Playful: bring the fun, engage customers, target customers and even other brands to leave a lasting impression! Who does it well? Aldi - Free Cuthbert isn’t the best approach for the faint hearted, or those without a good legal team!

  4. Trainable: consistently learn about what your customers want and need, understand what they perceive as good value and you’ll alienate your brand. This is crucial because there is always potential for external factors to influence your Customers. Who does this well… not many, a lot of brands seem to be ignoring what customers actually want! Have any suggestions, let us know!

  5. Companionship: be a partner to your customers in the moments that matter! Who does it well? John Lewis - from first home, to your wedding, to having babies, clothing kids and beyond, JL’s brand strategy is for For All of Life’s Moments.

  6. Energy & Excitement: is infectious, if you bring enough energy and excitement your customers will come along for the ride! Who does it well? Red Bull - it’s literally in their DNA and can be seen in each touchpoint!

  7. Courageous: stand up for what you believe in and take risks! Don’t do things half heartedly and stay clear of the band wagons, audience can see through in-authenticity! Who does it well? Patagonia - they live by their values and which feeds their all of their touchpoints.

Brand DOG-mata anyone? P.s. this is Coco, a 7 year old Cavachon (Bichon Frise cross King Charles Cavalier) who like long walks, tennis ball fetch and sausages!

Cavachon doc in basket

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